Contests galore! Win a DJC tote bag or a green commercial kitchen

Loyal readers! Today I come to you offering some great prizes for your continuous attention to the DJC Green Building Blog.

DJC publisher Phil Brown models the green tote

The first (and definitely the best) is a spectacular, new DJC reusable tote bag.  Afraid of being charged 20 cents per bag at your local grocery store? Forget about it with this

strong, stable and lightweight tote! Modeled at left by the DJC’s stylish Publisher Phil Brown, and bearing the DJC’s customary insignia (“helping business do business since 1893”), it’s sure to be your favorite new accessory.

If you want to be the envy of your many grocery store friends, all you have to do is respond in a comment below to all or part of this question: What is the biggest obstacle to building green, how would you fix it and who do you think should be responsible for fixing it? Bags will be given until supplies runs out.

Our second possible prize (and less certain because it’s another organization giving it

You know you want one

You know you want one

away) is a “certified green commercial kitchen” worth $40,000 from a contest sponsored by The Web site is an online restaurant supply retailer that has created a new green certification for commercial kitchens. To be certified, a commercial kitchen must earn points in energy and water conservation, waste reduction, green cleaning and green education. I can’t speak to how stringent the process is and it looks like you might need to buy kitchen goods from the site to earn points, but I guess something is better than nothing. The certification itself seems emblematic of how the idea of green is spreading into new places.

Either way, the kitchen contest is fairly simple. Just go here and enter information by Oct. 31. A link for the contest is also included to the left of this page under ‘links.’

Best of luck and happy winning!