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Help some students out with 5 minutes of your time…

Recently, I received an e-mail from a senior studying business at Seattle Pacific University named Jamie. The student said they are part of a team writing a comprehensive business plan regarding a power strip that automatically shuts off power in stand-by mode. Turns out two of her teammates have created a working prototype, which will participate in a number of competitions.

The student, Jamie Durbin, sounds pretty excited: “We are super passionate about our product: it would save energy and save consumer(s) $100+ on their annual energy bills. We are seeking venture capital at the competitions to launch our product line and hopefully serve the environmentally-minded (smart) consumer.”

Basically, the device senses when something switches to idle mode and can turn it off, saving energy.

Sounds kinda cool, eh? Here’s where you can help: Jamie’s team needs 1,000 respondents to an online survey. If you click here and spend 5 minutes, you could really help them out.

Overall, the product seems pretty handy. Even though I have power strips, there are often times when I simply forget to switch them off. Having a device do that automatically would take care of those moments.

Here’s a description of the product:

The controlled outlets have four main functions.

1) Able to sense when an appliance switches to idle mode

2) Able to turn the appliance off after a period of time in idle mode.  To achieve this functionality, the device will monitor how long an appliance has been in an idle power state and remove power when it has been in the idle mode for a user specified period of time.

3) Able to restore power to each appliance once the user wants to use the appliances again.  When the power is cut, the device will use a motion sensor to determine if anyone is around the device. If the motion sensor is tripped then it will reconnect power to the appliance; when the user turns the appliance off the cycle will begin again.

4) MOST IMPORTANT, the device will reduce power consumption.  The maximum expected consumption of the power strip itself will be under 1 watt. It will completely eliminate the standby power for the controlled appliances.

What do you think? Are they on the right track? If you think they are, answer the survey and help ’em out.

Mission: Sustainable’s premier a huge hit

On Thursday evening, I attended Mission: Sustainable’s premier at Fisher Pavillion at Seattle Center. IT WAS A HUGE HIT! And I mean huge.

First, the room was absolutely packed. I would say there were about 600 people there but introductory speaker Gabriel Scheer said attendance was around 1,000. Either way, it was really impressive for a grassroots Seattle event.

For those of you that have not been following this story, a little less than a year ago Producer Rose Thornton decided to make a television show called Mission: Sustainable. The reality show aims to makeover a subject’s life, eating habits, living environment and transportation choices in a sustainable way while educating viewers on the value of green choices.

For those of you that couldn’t come, here are pictures of the event. I was really impressed by how well dressed most everyone was… for Seattle, this was a really stylin’ crowd!

For those of you that did come, what did you think? Would this kind of show be interesting for a national audience or is it too Seattle? If you saw it, what did you like about it? What would you change?

As for what happens next, now that the show is complete and has had its coming out party, there’s more work to be done! Thornton and the crew are looking to find distribution for the show… and you can help! If you know someone influential in the TV business, or just have a tip for the team, visit Mission: Sustainable.

P.S. Congrats to the show and for doing this all on a $1,000 budget. It’s a great example of how something big can get done with enough willpower behind it. Also, kudos to our own DJC Green Building Blog. Without which, co-host Megan Hilfer might not ever have seen the advertisement for a host! Good job guys!

Green Seattle TV show looking for partners

Remember the post we ran last summer about a new, local green reality TV series called Mission: Sustainable? You remember: during show episodes expert consultants provide ordinary people with the tools to make more sustainable choices around transportation, home furnishings, landscaping, food, personal care and products….?

Well, it turns out the show has shot its first episode and is seeking to shop the concept to networks in2010. But before it gets there (and maybe gets really, really big) it is hosting a premier in Seattle in the middle of January… and is looking for partners.

Most importantly, the crew behind the TV show wants to host the premier on Thursday, Jan. 14 but it needs a place to do it. However, it needs the space for free, at a discounted price or via a sponsorship (remember, this whole TV idea is basically a grassroots effort created by Rose Thornton of ReGeneration Productions). The team is looking for a place that can hold 1,000 people and preferably has audio visual capabilities. It needs to confirm a space by Dec. 10. Dream locations include Town Hall, Fremont Studios, Olive 8 and Benaroya Hall.

It also is looking for a celebrity emcee to introduce the pilot episode, musical entertainment, local and organic food and beer and wine.

Want to help “the little TV show that could,” as co-host Megan Hilfer says? Contact Megan@parsonspr.com to do your holiday good deed! And if you’re looking for more information on what the show is all about, check out ReGeneration Production’s blog here.

How the people at Weber Thompson stay cool in this heat….

Keep in mind, this picture was taken during lunch break…..

Weber Thompson is based in a naturally ventilated building (as am I!) So the staff there are thinking of novel ways to stay cool on this record breaking day of heat. If you’re wondering just how “unbearable” it is to work in a naturally ventilated space (I say it’s not so bad) read the comments on the post below. Stay cool!