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Amazon builds film sets around DJC Building



Crews from descended on the Journal Building this week to film an episode of the new TV series “The Man in the High Castle.”

Before the film crews set up, construction workers were busy transforming the streets around the building and the Journal’s press bay to resemble an early 1960s New York scene — with a twist.

That twist? Germany, Japan and Italy won World War II, with the East Coast under Nazi control and the West Coast occupied by the Japanese. That’s in following with Philip K. Dick’s novel, which the series is based on.

Some of the props made by the workers include a mock subway staircase, street signs bearing the swastika and a sign for Lariat Shipping & Moving in Post Alley. The DJC even printed up some faux newspapers, including the “Reich Chronicle.”

For the subway stairs, workers aged the wood with a special coating and made the plexi-glass canopy look old by scuffing the surface and placing some debris that looked like dried vegetation on the edges.

Word has it that Amazon’s crews have also been filming in Georgetown, Capitol Hill and the International District.

Check out these photos from the DJC’s own Jeff Miller.


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