FLFers jump in with both feet

A Treehouse Wearhouse volunteer organizes the kids' clothing section. In an average school year, the facility serves more than 1,800 youth

A Treehouse Wearhouse volunteer organizes the kids’ clothing section. In an average school year, the facility serves more than 1,800 youth.

It’s always great to see members of the construction industry engaged in community-support and enhancement projects. It might not be readily apparent to the man on the street, but you can’t swing a 2×4 these days without hitting someone who’s involved in their company’s efforts to raise funds for a cause or provide pro bono renovation services and/or labor for a needy charity. And it’s especially cool to see young people in the industry getting involved.

One notable event coming up over the month of July is a joint effort by a number of organizations that will do a world of good. AGC of Washington’s FLF (Future Leadership Forum) group is pitching-in with other participants to renovate Seattle facilities for Treehouse, the local non-profit foster-child support organization. This “Wearhouse” project will renovate the existing, well-used Treehouse warehouse/store space that’s been in use for 12 years.

When completed, the new Wearhouse space will be brighter, safer, more efficient and a far more appealing place for Foster kids and their caregivers to visit and shop (no charge, of course) for high-quality new and like-new clothing, shoes, school supplies, toys, books and other essentials – much like a modern retail store. And it’s certainly a worthy organization and an equally worthy effort of support: during an average school year, the Wearhouse serves more than 1,800 youth and distributes more than 100,000 items.

Again, it doesn’t take much digging to see where people of the greater A/E/C community are working behind the scenes, often with their employers’ support and even on their own time, to improve the communities around us and help others in need. I tip my hardhat.

Treehouse’s Wearhouse project is still seeking additional funding, materials and labor support, by the way, so if you’d like to donate, please visit wearhouserenovation.kintera.org.

– Sean Lewis

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