Asphalt scammers hit Cowlitz County

The state Department of Labor & Industries says a scam contractor is at work in Cowlitz County.

According to an L&I press release, a young couple was recently persuaded to withdraw cash from the bank to pay for an asphalt paving job. Within a couple of weeks, the asphalt was breaking off in chunks.

L&I says representatives will often approach a homeowner or business and offer to repave a driveway or parking lot cheaply because they have leftover asphalt from another job nearby. The representatives are usually polite, drive nice work vehicles and can be very persuasive.

L&I says it’s not unusual in the summer months for these paving crews to come into the state and hit different communities – often targeting senior citizens. By the time problems appear, they are nowhere to be found.

“Never let anyone rush you into making a decision about home repairs or improvements, no matter how good the deal seems at the time,” said Rich Ervin, L&I’s program manager for contractor registration. “Be wary of great bargains, lifetime guarantees and other high-pressure sales tactics.”

L&I offers these 10 tips to avoid the bad guys.

3 thoughts on “Asphalt scammers hit Cowlitz County

  1. Ben Post author

    Looks like the scammers have moved to Clallam County. The sheriff’s office there reports a contractor operating with the same MO.

  2. Ben Post author

    Yikes, this is getting crazy. Now L&I says scammers are in Eastern Washington, starting in the St. John area and spreading out.
    A company operating as Asphalt Driveways has posted signs and flyers in neighborhoods around the state, according to L&I. The propaganda lists a toll-free number for potential customers to call.
    L&I has issued 35 infractions against the company, but has been unable to contact anyone.
    “L&I often doesn’t hear complaints about the workmanship until after winter, when the asphalt crumbles and falls apart from freezing temperatures,” said Rich Ervin, L&I’s program manager for contractor registration, in a press release. “In some cases, investigators see weeds coming up through the asphalt, or incorrect drainage that causes flooding.”

  3. Shelly Westby

    August 7, 2014 my husband experienced the same story. The guy appeared at our door with a great deal. It was quoted as a $500 job and at the end it was $4000. The guy rushed to the bank to ensure our funds were there. When they weren’t he called immediately. I transferred the funds. Our neighbor wanted in on the same great deal, so he was scammed, also. We are in Winlock, WA.

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