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Brother, can you spare a paradigm?

Aubrey Cohen’s Friday piece on the Seattle housing market got me thinking about paradigm shifts. The shift from faxes to e-mail, for example, took more than a decade. The internet has fundamentally changed business and everyday life –but slowly. In … Continue reading

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“Uncool” Olympics architecture in the ‘Couve

Rendering of the Richland oval, now under construction Vancouver’s Tyee online newspaper has an article today deriding the design of the various venues being built for the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games there. (Thanks to Crosscut for spotting the … Continue reading

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Seattle’s directional woes

Maybe I’m the only native Seattleite who has found herself suddenly having to drive across three lanes of traffic to make it to a turnoff that I’ve consistently missed for the last 12 years, or who always remembers too late, … Continue reading

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What’s the question?

Last week the Seattle Great City Initiative leader Michael McGinn hosted an end-of-the-year happy hour to toast the season and thank volunteers and supporters for their work. McGinn and Great City regular Brice Maryman were leading proponents for the successful … Continue reading

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Conflicted over viaduct options

The State narrowed the SR99 options down to two last week. Maybe that’s not the final word, but let’s assume it is for a moment. I don’t like either of them. Both options have big problems. (On the other hand, … Continue reading

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Designing urban areas with salmon in mind

The Pacific Northwest is seen by many as ground zero for the “green” movement and this is perhaps most evident in the built environment. From northern California through Washington State, builders and developers are working hard to gain certification and … Continue reading

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Amid slowdown, debating developer incentives

The Seattle City Council’s Planning, Land Use and Neighborhoods Committee will have another hearing, discussion and possible vote tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. on a plan to extend the city’s incentive zoning program beyond downtown. This proposal would insure all … Continue reading

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Does Portland’s architecture stink?

New Yorker architecture critic Paul Goldberger was in the Rose City Nov. 20 for a lecture. But a Willamette Week editorial reports that Goldberger thinks some of Portland’s architecture stinks. Riding in a van through the city along with some … Continue reading

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Where have we been?

Hello readers. A flood in the DJC’s server room wiped out some of our November blog posts, comments, polls and other changes. We’re back in business now and we’re sorry we were gone so long. We missed you!

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