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A view on sustainability from Seattle Parks

Eds Note: Andy Soden of Seattle Parks and Recreation chimes in on defining sustainability By Andy Soden, Golf Director, Seattle Parks and Recreation Based on my spell check, even Microsoft does not fully recognize the concept of sustainability. To begin … Continue reading

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Sustainability in 50 words

Eds Note: These 50-word definitions of sustainability ran in today’s DJC. Agree or disagree, we’d love to hear your thoughts. For Seattle to become sustainable, it will have to take advantage of the environment we inherited. Preserving open space and … Continue reading

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Saving bus service actually helps the economy

By now, most of us have heard Metro’s grim warning of a $100 million funding decline next year, and a potential 20 percent cut in service. We’ve also heard that an increase in local taxing authority might be a solution to keep … Continue reading

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Dear Gas, Northwest drivers just aren’t that into you

Apparently, Northwest drivers are now consuming the same amount of gas on average that we did in 1965. The average Northwest user is now using about 7.4 gallons a week per person, Sightline reports. That compares with the 10.2 gallons … Continue reading

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Lessons on sustainability from Cuba

Eds. Note: Seattle developer Kevin Daniels, president of Nitze-Stagen & Co. and Daniels Development, recently returned from a week in Cuba on a sustainability research mission sponsored by International Sustainable Solutions through the Global Exchange program. He shares his thoughts … Continue reading

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Sustainability and the other Washington

The compromise stimulus bill that’s received Congressional approval and is expected to fly off the president’s desk this weekend actually had quite a bit of greenbacks for green initiatives: at least $62.2 billion in spending and $20 billion in tax … Continue reading

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Surface water mismanagement

Seattle’s hefty Comprehensive Plan is subtitled “Toward a Sustainable Seattle.”  In the vision section of the plan there is a sub-section called Environmental Stewardship which calls for compact development for  reasons that sound familiar. The emphasis on compact development is … Continue reading

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More than sustainability

Sustainability means doing the minimum necessary to avoid ecological or societal trauma, whether for one location or ecosystem, or worldwide. In other words, it’s a half-measure. People like half-measures. Public discussions of sustainability tend to reflect giving people everything they already have, but … Continue reading

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The importance of defining sustainability

Eds. Note: Words like affordable, sustainable and livable are thrown around regularly in conversations about how Seattle should grow. But we want to know what these words actually mean, and how the city can achieve them. Today, SeattleScape blogger Roger … Continue reading

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Is DPD doing a good job?

The Department of Planning and Development has an online customer service survey on its site. The survey, which lets you respond anonymously, asks about experience and interactions with the agency, and what you might like to see changed in the … Continue reading

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