Seattle architect to study Aussie seawall design

AIA Seattle has just given its first Emerging Professionals travel scholarship to Mithun‘s Cristina Bump to study innovative seawall design in Australia and Canada.

Sydney's Botney Bay seawall
The $5,000 scholarship will pay for her travel and research. She’ll visit seawalls in Sydney, Melbourne and Vancouver,  exploring the impact alternative approaches have on urban development and natural habitat.

Bump plans to work with partners at the University of Washington, the city of Seattle and the U.S.  Army Corps of Engineers to develop a series of recommendations for Seattle’s seawall replacement. She will present her research through an exhibition and model at AIA Seattle’s gallery in late 2009.

The scholarship is funded by contributions by Seattle-area Fellows of the American Institute of Architects and AIA members.

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3 Responses to Seattle architect to study Aussie seawall design

  1. Mahalie says:

    Congratulations to Christina! I can’t wait to see what exciting ideas she brings back to the office. I’m sure there will be plenty of folks here at Mithun willing to lend a hand the model she’s talked about building after her research!

  2. Witteveen says:

    Good point. I enjoy reading your article. Looking forward for more topics here. Thanks.

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