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Now that the rainy season has arrived full on, perhaps it’s timely to expose certain downtown buildings and their owners for a socially reprehensible offense to pedestrians. I am referring here to the growing prevalence of fake canopies. Over the … Continue reading

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Seattle tops ‘most literate’ list again

Seattle is back in sole control of the top spot in an annual study of the country’s most literate cities. The study’s author, Jack Miller of Central Connecticut State University, drew from statistics such as newspaper circulation, number of bookstores, … Continue reading

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Dubai’s Palm Island shows signs of sinking…

The Palm The $12 billion man-made island off the coast of Dubai is sinking about 5 millimeters a year, CNBC reports. The island was dredged from the seabed and is shaped like a palm to maximize waterfront real estate frontage. … Continue reading

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World’s ugliest buildings

Virtual Tourist is once again posting its list of the World’s Ugliest Buildings. Among those selected: Paris’ Centre Pompidou, the Royal Ontario Building in Toronto and the National Library in Pristina, Kosovo. We know what Mark thinks. Does anyone else … Continue reading

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The 16,000-square-foot “staycation” house

Staycation central Construction is complete on a 16,000-square foot house in Puyallup that includes a regulation-size bowling alley, racquetball court, a movie viewing room, a raised swimming pool and pickleball courts, according to a press release I got today from … Continue reading

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