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Sandwich boards…moved

Isn’t it nice when progress is easy? Poorly located sandwich boards, aka A-frames, next to businesses have always been an annoyance for many pedestrians. They force us to walk around them, they sometimes narrow sidewalks to single-file, they can be tripped … Continue reading

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Could a 7.0 quake strike the Palouse?

The Palouse: No earthquake worries. An earthquake won’t likely level the Palouse anytime soon, but Washington State University wants to put your mind at ease. The school has released a two-minute video in the wake of the 7.0-magnitude earthquake in … Continue reading

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B&O brouhaha

A mid-rise planned for the B&O Espresso site on Olive Way. OK, I’ll admit it. I love the B&O Espresso on Olive Way. It’s not only been a Capitol Hill establishment for 30 years, it’s also a bit of old … Continue reading

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