Are pedestrian malls the future or relics?

Next American City has an article that looks at bringing cars back to pedestrian malls. It says that four decades

Sacramento’s K Street Transit Mall. Credit: El Cobrador.
after Sacramento closed a section of downtown’s K Street to automobiles, the leaders of California’s capital have had enough. They want the cars back to bring new vitality to the city’s streets to save businesses threatened by extinction due to a lack of traffic. Read about it here.

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2 Responses to Are pedestrian malls the future or relics?

  1. Matt the Engineer says:

    I’ve seen pedestrian malls done wonderfully all over the world. The fact that this is a small, car-based city probably killed this street more than anything, but it seems like it could even work in a small car-based city if done well. I think Pike Place Market would still be a hit without cars, since it has a destination that draws a large number of pedestrians. But in the same city the car-free section of Pioneer’s Square seems desolate. Should we add cars there? I’d rather add an attraction. I’m picturing high-end restaurants with dueling chamber music in the style of Piazza San Marco in Venice.

  2. M says:

    How about housing and/or neighborhood art space combined with destination retail/entertainment? Public art and fountains help make a place a destination too.

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