Large New York City apartments are the rage

Some Seattle developers have said they intend to build smaller housing units to keep price points lower and therefore more appealing to workers downtown.

New York City

But they’re living large in New York City. The New York Times reports that sales of three- and four-bedroom apartments jumped last year, and that the mini-trend is continuing. This is another sign NYC is becoming more family friendly, according to the newspaper.  Here’s the story.

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One Response to Large New York City apartments are the rage

  1. Joshua Daniel Franklin says:

    The most interesting quote is “Westchester County is now the West Village”. This apparently a very wealthy market that previously opted for giant exurban McMansions, but now sees living in the city as the best option. While I don’t believe anyone “needs” a 6000 sq ft home, I do think the city is a great place to raise kids.

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