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Vote on tunnel may happen no matter what

Regardless of how the legal wrangling plays out this week over the proposed referendum on the tunnel, voters will likely get a chance to vote on a significant part of the funding for the deep bore tunnel. The Port of … Continue reading

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Tunnel polls promising

Recent surveys such as a Elway tunnel poll suggests that a 99 Tunnel vote could go either way. But there are some interesting takeaways. In the poll, among all respondents, the elevated options combined (retrofit or rebuild) beat the tunnel 38% to Photo courtesy … Continue reading

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Tunnel won’t improve Seattle’s ‘tax base’

Digging a tunnel to replace the unsafe viaduct won’t increase property tax revenue Last week I attended a well organized and relevant seminar called “The New Economic Alliance between Environmental and Business Interests:Not Your Father’s Environmental Movement.” This take on … Continue reading

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Census: keep in mind…

Census results, to some of us, are a like a very slowly breaking pinata. First we got the 2010 state totals. Lately we’ve been getting the local figures and their components. This has set the Nerdisphere on a protracted sugar rush while … Continue reading

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Citytank looks at the promise of cities

Dan Bertolet of hugeasscity and PubliCola fame has started a new blog called Citytank. Its mission is “to propagate ideas that help fulfill the promise of cities to both expand the human spirit, and sustain a thriving Courtesy of … Continue reading

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