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City to remove Madison Park fence

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

The city of Seattle will remove a fence in the Madison Park neighborhood that for decades has blocked public access to a block-long swatch of Lake Washington shoreline, one block north of Madison Beach park.
The decision by Acting Seattle Parks Superintendent Christopher Williams follows a campaign by Patrick Doherty in SeattleScape to get that area opened to the public.
Removal of the fence was opposed by some Madison Park residents who cited safety concerns.
The city expects to start taking down the fence in early 2012, Williams said on
He said that all the 20-plus miles of city-owned shoreline along Lake Washington and Puget Sound and associated tributaries is accessible to the public except that stretch.
The fence was installed in the mid-1940s.

This block-long stretch on Lake Washington has been behind a fence for decades.

Popular Mechanics looks at 520 replacement project

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011
Rendering courtesy of Washington State Department of Transportation
Popular Mechanics has the inside story on how exactly crews will replace the 48-year-old  state Route 520 floating bridge across Lake Washington with a new six-lane bridge. If you’re wondering how they will get a quarter-million tons of concrete to float, this story tells you.