NYC plans micro apartments

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has launched a competition that calls for about 80 micro studio apartments of 275 to 300 square feet in Manhattan. The city is seeking proposals to design, construct and operate the micro-unit building on a city-owned site. Seattle already has a number of these type units, some of which a developer dubbed apodments. Here is the Wall Street Journal story about the competition.

The 30-unit Avenida developed byCalhoun Properties in Seattle's University District has apartments of about 150 to 200 square feet.
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One Response to NYC plans micro apartments

  1. July 13, 2012

    very good, its a “shoebox” too. i live in a studio apartment it is tiny. share on cafemom how to live in a small area, referred to as a “shoebox”. utilize vertical space, under the bed storage, limit the things you take in, take one thing out for one thing brought in. its good, less anxiety, good for health, no stairs, thank you.
    have a good day.

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