University uses streetcar to get its message across

Photo courtesy of Nyhus Communications.

Northeastern University, a non-profit, private research university based in Boston,  plans to open a campus in  Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood in 2013. To generate buzz in anticipation of its arrival, it has taken to the streets with a bright red advertisement wrapped around a South Lake Union Streetcar announcing Northeastern University – Seattle.

Northeastern said last year it will open graduate campuses in several American cities. Graduate degree programs in business, engineering, health sciences and computer science will be taught online and in the classroom. Most course offerings in Seattle will start in January. For more information, go to

Northeastern has 20,000 students at its main campus. It offers more than 90 undergraduate majors and 165 graduate programs.

The Seattle campus will be in a modest space with a few classrooms, an administrative office and a reception area.

Northeastern likes the neighborhood because of its technology, biotechnology and biomedical industry focus, a university spokeswoman said. She said the neighborhood offers Northeastern the opportunity to collaborate with some of those enterprises in research.

In Seattle, the university hopes to attract graduate students who are mid-career professionals.

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