The new IKEA is home to Washington’s largest solar project

Home furnishings retailer IKEA unveiled what it calls the largest solar rooftop array in the state at its store under construction in Renton.  The new IKEA store is now outfitted with 3,268 solar panels.  

Check out this video by A&R Solar detailing the roof: 

If you’re excited to see the new store, it will be opening at least a month early, on February 22. 

REC Solar designed the array and Seattle-based A&R Solar installed it. Deacon Corp. is managing construction of the 399,000-square-foot store that will open in early spring adjacent to Ikea’s existing Renton store. 

The store’s 244,000-square-foot array consists of a 1.13-megawatt system built with 3,268 solar panels. It is expected to eliminate 886 tons of carbon dioxide, which equates to taking 187 cars off the road or powering 131 homes yearly.

“Installing the solar panels is another exciting and sustainable step in the progress towards opening this relocated Seattle-area IKEA store,” said Diedre Goodchild, store manager.  “IKEA strives to create a sustainable life for communities in which we operate, and our new Renton store is adding to this goal with Washington’s largest rooftop solar array.” 

This is the 45th solar project that IKEA has built in the U.S. Nearly 90 percent of the company’s buildings are covered with solar panels, and they generate more than 40 megawatts of power. IKEA owns and operates all of the systems.

Ikea has a goal of being energy independent by 2020. So far, it has installed more than 700,000 solar panels on buildings around the world and owns about 300 wind turbines.

For more information on A&R Solar, click here

For updates on the progress of the new IKEA store, check out their website here. 

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