Minimalist photos of beautiful buildings

Check out the winners of the Minimalist Architecture Mission 2017 photography contest

The Minimalist Architecture Mission, organized by blog We And The Color and photography resource EyeEm, received 45,000 submissions from photographers around the world.

After looking through all of the 24k images submitted to EyeEm, they selected 20 winners. The top three were chosen by Matthias Heiderich, self-taught photographer specializing in minimalist, contemporary photography. 

Images range from architectural celebs, such as Zaha Hadid’s MAXXI in Rome, to details of more anonymous buildings, often featuring sharp angles, and contrasting patterns and colors.

1st place: Georgij Dorofeev

About the 1st place submission, Heiderich said, “Great, clean composition, a refreshing color scheme, and an interesting minimalist building facade – What I love about this kind of photography is that sometimes it’s hard to tell whether I’m looking at a photograph or a computer-generated image. But the subtleties make the difference. Photographs are never 100% clean.”

Check out all 20 of the winners at the EyeEm Blog here: .

Here are a couple of our favorites: 

By Jeremy Walter 

By Raif 

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