What’s in store for the mall?

The Mall of the Future Will Have No Stores 

After decades of building, designing, and studying, CallisonRTKL has blueprints for the malls of the future. 

“What we know for sure is that the mall of the future is not a mall,” CallisonRTKL says in its interactive web presentation Mall of the Future. “It’s an entirely new retail experience—one that will change throughout the year and even throughout the day to keep people coming back for new, fresh experiences. These advancements will affect developers, consumers, retail brands and designers, from the smallest neighborhood strip mall to the most impressive Class-A regional shopping center. 

“Today’s consumer is after the experience and buying things that serve a purpose and make the world a better place, while also having the ability to compare options at the touch of a button.” 

Check out CallisonRTKL’s full interactive discussion of the Mall of the Future here


While chain store closings have declared the malls of America all but dead, online retailers like Amazon are snapping up retail outlets and redefining what it means to shop. 

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“Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods is a massive bet that people will want the convenience of ordering online and delivery or in-store pickup.”

“All stores are not going away, it’s just a matter of finding the store/online equilibrium,” Credit Suisse analysts said.


Developer: don’t call huge Miami project a mall; it’s ‘retail-tainment’ – 

In our recent article on the huge American Dream Miami development, Don Ghermezian, president of developer Triple Five Worldwide Group of Edmonton, Canada said, “We are not mall developers. That’s not what we’re trying to build.  A lot of it is ‘retail-tainment.’ What we’re trying to create is an economic engine.” 

This massive project would have an indoor ski slope, water park, 2,000 hotel rooms, a performing arts center — and stores.


On a smaller scale, maybe the mall of the future will look like the AIA Award winning  Chophouse Row.  Filled with small businesses, boutiques, and restaurants. 

That wouldn’t be so bad. 

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