About SeattleScape: 

How does Seattle shape itself through design, planning, and aspirations? What are we building, what are we losing and what are we preserving? Let’s talk about it!

In Nuts & Bolts sections, we’ll take a comprehensive look at the construction industry and its role in the local economy.

And we’ll look at Green Building issues in Seattle, the Pacific Northwest and anywhere that might interest you.

About the Bloggers: 

Patrick Doherty is economic development director for the city of Federal Way. He previously worked for the city of Seattle in planning and development, including managing the Design Review Program from 1994 to 2001. Patrick chaired the Queen Anne/Magnolia/South Lake Union Design Review Board from 2006 to 2008. He lives on Queen Anne Hill, enjoys exploring the city and the greater Pacific Northwest, photography, foreign languages and national and international travel.

Matt Hays has loved Seattle since birth. He lives in Belltown, walks nearly everywhere, and recently rediscovered bicycling. Matt is slightly obsessed with issues like pedestrian safety, parks, and vibrant neighborhoods. He’s read every DJC since high school. Since 1996 Matt has been the proposal writer at Lease Crutcher Lewis.

SLheadshot 2015-webSean Lewis
, Marketing Director for AGC of Washington, is the son of an electrical contractor and, accordingly, fully capable of changing virtually any kind of light bulb. He’s a part-time musician, a Washington native, a graduate of Western Washington University, and tries hard to find joy in each day’s commute.

Jon Silver is a DJC reporter and special section editor who has been living in Seattle since 1998. He gained his street smarts growing up on the mean cul-de-sacs of a master-planned community in Omaha, Neb.


Lynn Porter is the architecture and engineering editor at the DJC. Porter loves cities and the urban landscape despite having a sense of direction that gives her a 50-50 shot of going the wrong way when leaving any building.

She has her own ideas about zoning, transit, historic preservation and other issues involving Seattle, but thinks yours are probably more interesting. So please offer your comments, and if you have news tips, contact Lynn Porter .

Sera Mattson is social media editor at the DJC.  She is a rare Seattle native who has seen many changes in the city over the years – some good, some…interesting.  Sound Transit finally?  The ferris wheel!  What will happen to the waterfront?  She can’t wait to see what’s next.

Do you have blog ideas, comments or questions? Send them to Sera Mattson.