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Love you Sound Transit, but please do these things

Sound Transit does many things really well, so consider this criticism from a friend. On-time-or-better completion? Check. Beating budgets? Check. Creating the new backbones of the region? Nice stations? Check and check. But a few very fixable things would make … Continue reading

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Greater Downtown Keeps Going

Photo Credit Graphite Design Group Long ago it was clear that this greater Downtown Seattle boom was unlike any before. Six years after the first groundbreakings, the frenzy seems poised to keep going for a long while. Big companies and … Continue reading

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How Grand is the Bargain?

It’s great that a “grand bargain” on housing affordability is being discussed via the Mayor’s Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) action plan. People are talking to each other, and the result might be relatively balanced. But we could do … Continue reading

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The other civic disorder

Crossing Second Avenue at Stewart with 10 seconds left, with left turners coming from directly behind. Photo by Matt Hays Finally, some movement on civic disorder and public safety in Downtown Seattle! No, not the improved Westlake Park and Third … Continue reading

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Seattle might keep going

The duration and intensity of the Downtown Seattle development boom is getting a little surprising, beyond even my optimistic guesses from a few years ago. This isn’t just another Seattle-type boom. But here’s the kicker: things seem poised to keep … Continue reading

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