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Changing landscapes, one strip mall at a time

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Every architect dreams of redesigning the strip malls that pepper America’s landscape, says Mike Jobes of the Miller/Hull Partnership. The mass homogeneity of the medium means vast applicability of design, and far more impact than could ever come from a single building or project, no matter how exceptional.

A Miller/Hull design is one of 10 finalists in a national competition on rethinking strip malls.

One-stop shopping

In the Miller/Hull vision, movable aeroponic plant trays shade parking and reduce the heat island effect at a Scottsdale strip mall. Biofuel and textile-quality plants take irrigation from a treated city sewer line. Rainwater capture waters plants that could be harvested on-site at a lot-side farmer’s market.

A portion of the strip is reoriented to face houses at its current backside, and rezoning residential space for street-level retail and live-work space remakes an alley as a pedestrian street.

All this, and Famous Footwear and Subway are still in business.

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