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The “Great Urban Debate”

It was interesting to watch. On June 18 at the Central Library, civic leaders Gordon Price of Vancouver and Peter Steinbrueck of Seattle debated the merits of the two cities’ built environments, each arguing as mandated for the other’s city. CR Douglas, possibly the smartest person … Continue reading

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The crash as Seattle’s perfect storm?

In this month’s Atlantic, Richard Florida talks about the America that will emerge from the rubble of the current recession. Too bad he hasn’t spent more time in the Rainy City, or we might have gotten our own cover, like … Continue reading

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Saving bus service actually helps the economy

By now, most of us have heard Metro’s grim warning of a $100 million funding decline next year, and a potential 20 percent cut in service. We’ve also heard that an increase in local taxing authority might be a solution to keep … Continue reading

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Is DPD doing a good job?

The Department of Planning and Development has an online customer service survey on its site. The survey, which lets you respond anonymously, asks about experience and interactions with the agency, and what you might like to see changed in the … Continue reading

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Does Portland’s architecture stink?

New Yorker architecture critic Paul Goldberger was in the Rose City Nov. 20 for a lecture. But a Willamette Week editorial reports that Goldberger thinks some of Portland’s architecture stinks. Riding in a van through the city along with some … Continue reading

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