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Next bus: 5 minutes

Way back in 2002, I lived in an apartment in East Portland just off Burnside Street. At first, I thought the proximity to Burnside would be kind of a bummer (the nearby Sandy Hut notwithstanding). But after I few days, … Continue reading

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Does Portland’s architecture stink?

New Yorker architecture critic Paul Goldberger was in the Rose City Nov. 20 for a lecture. But a Willamette Week editorial reports that Goldberger thinks some of Portland’s architecture stinks. Riding in a van through the city along with some … Continue reading

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Street life? What street life?

Seattle’s Third Avenue Sometimes Seattle makes me plain crazy. We profess all sorts of environmentally and socially enlightened values and then we often ignore the obvious. Take our public sidewalks. Active, lively, livable? Maybe sometimes. Often, not so much. We … Continue reading

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Boise, Portland make APA 2008 Great Places

Seattle was absent from the American Planning Association’s 2008 Great Places in America list but Boise and Portland both made a showing. Last year, the Pike Place Market made the Great Neighborhoods list. Could be a protest, could just be … Continue reading

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The way we live

The New York Times had an interesting story this week on the promise of modern pre-fab. Reviewing MOMA’s “Home Delivery” exhibition, Allison Arief laments that the show lauds designs that are never actually built, ignoring those designers who bring pre-fab … Continue reading

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They love you, Portland, they really do

Portland, you make it look so easy Portland’s historic Heathman Hotel already knew a thing or two about sustainability. As I rode the elevator up to my room there last year, the doorman noticed me admiring the Brazilian rosewood paneling. … Continue reading

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Rypkema says Seattle is losing its “grittiness”

Donovan Rypkema, the historic preservation and economic development expert, was here this week from Washington, D.C. for a lecture sponsored by Historic Seattle. I went to his lecture Thursday and spoke to him Friday morning. He had been out with … Continue reading

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